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Suitable to the unique needs of various manufacturing plants.

Why Kitaron ERP&MES is the solution?

Before purchasing an ERP system the following question should be asked:

“Where is the big money in the organization?“

Specializes in managing various manufacturing plants, by understanding the complex processes on the production floor.

All In One Kitaron ERP&MES



Simple and convenient user interface, allows users to keep pace with the fast-moving changes within the organization.


Enables maximum efficiency and effectiveness in decision making.

Suitable as an off the shelf product for various kinds of manufacturing plants.


Implementation Cost and Time:

Kitaron ERP&MES system can be implemented in a very short time and, therefore, at low costs.

Control tools:

Offers a high management standard for monitoring and supervising  organizational information.

Customer Service:

Company support 24/7 to give customers fast, quality and professional service.

Knowledge and experience in the industry:

Leading in production management in Israel! The company has over 3000 users in Israel

Leading technology:

Kitaron ERP&MES is developed using the latest Microsoft technologies.


Kitaron ERP&MES allows you to use Microsoft Office tools.

Flexible System:

Kitaron ERP&MES gives the customer full control over the processes and the system settings.

Kitaron ERP&MES
Streamlining and improving the production processes

It is no secret that in a manufacturing plant the money is on the production floor. Therefore, it is critical to select a system specializing in managing manufacturing plants in general and in managing the production floor in particular. The combination of Kitaron ERP system + MES system allows for direct control of production processes and machinery, improved performance, reduced cycle times, and ensures the supply of better quality products on a timely basis!

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