• Calculate the value of “Cost so Far” in the
Item routing
• Display value of “Cost so Far” in the MRP report
• Automatic updates of standard costs, by routing
data, last purchase and last invoice

• BOM Costing: Display production costs,
processes, raw material, hardware
• Calculate item price whilst considering the
portion and setup costs
• Estimate the item standard price including
mark up percent
• Follow historical costing of the item

• Compare costs of all items in the system
• Display costing in different currencies
• Fast item pricing ONLINE
• Automatic item pricing and / or manually by different
pricing categories
• Display the cost of production and set up in the price
quotation by selected item

• BOM Costing in real time for each order item
according to production cost, processes, raw
material, hardware, etc.
• GP calculation per order line
• Standard costing with actual costing of
production order
• Control of the actual production order costs against
standard costs according to each of the various
production costs
• Gross profit calculation according to standard
and actual data

Costing, Costing, Costing – this is the keyword to a company’s survival in a very competitive market.
Manager’s dream – to understand and retrieve the exact costing of his products.

Standard Price Control