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• Documentation and processes control and quality
assurance results
• Manage and monitor regulation lists
• Setting and certification specifications
• Manage Seals holders list
• Contract review in customer order
and price quotation
• FAI – Inspection Report for the production
of the first item
• Certificate of Compliance COC, including
details specifications

• Define dimensions for production inspection and
acceptance inspection
• Create a default template of measurements list
• Calculation of acceptance sampling, including
structured AQL tables
• Acceptance Inspection Report for Items,
raw materials, tools, etc.
• Production Inspection Report according to
production operation
• Document Inspection Report result for the serial
number of the item
• Final Inspection Report for portion
• Display exceptions measurements on the Inspection reports

• SPC statistical process control, control chart,
process capability indices (Cp, Cpk)
• Variability Graph of dimension
• Manage and follow up the rejections reports and
rejection causes report
• Manage correspondence with customer through
“question - answer“ form
• Manage service calls / customer complaints
including calculating working times and costs
• Replace items mechanism following complaint
from a customer

• Manage supplier complaints
• MRB report –treatment of unusable items, including
calculating repair costs
• Manage calibration processes of measuring tools,
including a purchase order for calibration
• Issue grade to supplier by specific criteria
• Engineering change orders (ECO)
• Link between ECO to items, follow up after
item version change


High product quality is the key to building satisfied long term customers. Product quality with
stability processes improve the plant profitability through reducing customer complaints, goods
returns, etc.

Quality Assurance

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