• Display Gantt according to routing
project scheduling
• Display Gantt in different colors: number of
project, operation, customer, operation name
or project name
• Display project progress on operations
in the Gantt

Project management is a tool that enables the control of all tasks that are not necessarily production
related such as new product development, moving premises, marketing campaign planning.
In addition, can also be used to merge and monitor separate orders.

from the machines
• Manage Minutes of Meeting for a project
• Assign topics and sub-topics for completion
• Send minutes of meeting, tasks and decisions
taken by mail
• Monitor assigned tasks

• Total costing of a project and budget control
• Real-time tracking after standard budget
defined in project
• Actual project costs vs. standard cost according
to different types of expenditure
• Report project operations by Barcode
• Project times collection for project billing

• Manage several customer orders in one project
• Define project routing
• Automatic calculation of the starting and ending date
for routing operations
• Project Management by BOM layout
• Production follow up according to the project’s BOM
• Associate employees to a project

Project Management