Production Control Management

Management and control tools that lead to improved order and discipline in meeting goals, will
always also lead to greater success and profitability.

• Report production time, setup and malfunctions
• Collect production time report by Barcode
• Report on the quantity of Accepted / Rejected
items at the end of each operation
• Receive measurement data from XYZ machine
• Monitor and control the production floor rejections

• Compare standard vs. actual production time
• Calculate production time per unit, excluding
employees and stations breaks
• Repair Standard Time, with standard deviation
according to reported data
• Control of Actual Stations Effectiveness
• Control of employees efficiency and departmental
• Control of Employees reported hours
• Employees attendance data together with production
reporting data

• Setting status which to be used as a milestone
in the process
• Progress rate setting in the process by milestone
• Display the current percentage of completion per
order, per item
• Track performance control from start date until end of
the operation
• Display production station status according to work
schedule set in the production planning

• Information about quantity of items in the production
order according to the production time report
• Information about production stations while viewing
jobs set to produce in real time
• Status follow up and actual overload stations
• Display works according to production planning
by stations
• Monitor and control the production process
in real-time