• Production Management MES - Command and control
systems on the production floor processes
• Track in real time production data by receiving
updated data from robots, machines
and employees
• Collect production data in a central database
received directly from the machines
• Connect Kitaron ERP system to the
machine controllers
• Manage a list of connecting means to the machine

• Send and receive data between Kitaron
ERP and OPC Server
• Send a file by machine parameters when an
event is defined
• Send commands to the machine by moving
the OPC server tags
• Display History of the commands sent to
the OPC server

• Set HMI machine parameters, such as employee
number, batch number, quantity, production order and
item number
• Set Events to create an HMI parameters (signature on
production order, reporting on the beginning of work)
• Update stock by identifying RFID, including monitoring
RFID stock movements
• Display updated information about all HMI stations
defined by parameters

• Link NC program to operation in item routing
• Link to directory that contains several NC programs
• DNC - Send programs to machine
• Analyze data entered in the NC program header
• Manage database that contains all the events
collected from the machines

Production machinery is a very valuable resource having a dominant effect on a company’s
profitability and longevity. M.E.S provides management and control systems that increase the
utilization of machinery in percentage terms and in doing so improve the company’s profitability.

Mechanical control - M.E.S