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Material Resources Planning - MRP

Control in material planning and scheduling - MRP is the key to reducing inventory and managing
production lines up to a level of Just in Time. Effective management and in-depth knowledge will
improve both the production efficiency and punctuality of customer order deliveries.

• Material resources planning (MRP) and
recommendations for procurement and production
per order line, given the stock and production
floor, pulling stock, minimum stock, procurement
balance , etc.
• Recommendations for procurement and
production according to concentrated method.

• Recommendations to cancel / introduce / reject
production order / purchase order
• Accumulated Stock Planning
• EQM for the balance of the accumulated stock
• Review weekly or monthly availability of stock
for assembly
• Display balance of accumulated stock for a given
date, taking into account stock movements

• Schedule items and materials as they are needed for
the production without storage (Just in time)
• Actual Performance Planning
• Procurement requirements planning for
supplementary equipment according to concentrated
method plus order line
• Raw material requirements planning by minimum
inventory and order line
• Manage raw materials supplied by the customer

• Graphical view of stock management taking into account
the minimum and future inventory movements
• Warehouse and inventory management, including reserved
order row and quarantine warehouses
• Option to schedule items outside of the MRP
• Set and manage warehouses that do not participate in MRP
• Track issues to customers and customer warehouses

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