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Managing a factory without effective monitoring and control systems is like trying to produce
items without raw material.

Management and Control for Managers

• System search tool , advanced sorting and filtering
• Minutes of Meeting and follow up
• Electronic signatures tree structure
• Currency rates auto update
• Reports Generator: allows the organization to
develop own reports using Access app
• Built-in barcode system plus printing
documents and labels

• Kitaron ERP Top Control - Flowchart of
organizing and presenting information according
to user-defined alerts
• To Do List - Task management tool
• System Alerts - Set alerts per object
• Set fields conditions - painting field conditions
• Organization document management, reports
numbers management

• EIS graphic system for data analysis
• Watchdog – Create queries, receive an alert when
conditions exists
• Full permissions user system
• OLAP-BI - Analysis and Control by the system data
on all modules with multi-dimensional system
• Personal shortcuts menu leading to
selected documents

• Send information by e-mail directly from Kitaron
ERP system
• Internal mail system
• Link e-mails to Kitaron ERP, per user
• Link documents from the outlook to Kitaron ERP
• Export organization phone book to Outlook
• Send mass e-mails to all contacts

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