Item Folder & Configuration Management

• Manage Item folder in detail
• Set lead time / production time per item
• Manage preferred warehouse in PUT / TAKE stock
• Set safety / alarm stock per item
• Link images to the item

Complete and accurate definition of the item (assembly) will bring the entire process to a clear,
controlled and profitable state.

• Produce relevant reports per item: inventory,
production, quality assurance
• Route Card: operations, machinery and
external processes
• Cost settings for each operation in route card
• Manage supplementary equipment by
various categories
• Supplementary equipment price list

• Associating raw material / supplementary
equipment per Item
• Define raw material by geometric shape
• Calculate cost of required raw material per unit
• View raw material procurement price
• Calculate moving average price of raw
materials in stock

• Item configuration management
• Save date of modified versions per item
• Follow up after version expiration dates
• Item status history
• Define a list of drawings and link them to items
• Link each Item to several drawings