Finite capacity production planning

The ultimate tool for improving productivity and compliance in OTD. Leads to better profitability
of the plant by planning the most effective utilization of existing resources rather than increasing
the plant’s resources.

• Finite capacity production planning: four
algorithms to calculate optimal factory resource
planning for production
• Possible production planning regardless of machine
capacity (production planning infinite capacity)
• Global planning to a maximum efficiency and
minimum delay
• Plan by delivery dates to minimize inventory on
the production floor
• Plan according to order priority and
minimum inventory

• Collision Detection in planning taking into
consideration the planned completion date and
delivery date
• Right time production scheduling to satisfy
customer demand
• Production planning considering the intervals between
stations, set up, weekends and holidays
• Division of work between alternative stations
• Exception alerts If there is deadlines at not achieved

• Graphical display of the production planning
in real time
• Machinery production planning report, production
planning for the employees, task management in Gantt
• Highlight stations that are “bottlenecks” in the
production process
• Saving previous runs of production planning with the
possibility of recovery
• Automatically run production planning report at
night by a predefined schedule

• Production planning indices: estimating the quality
of production planning by meeting delivery dates
and production orders
• Production Planning vs. Performance: Controlling
the actual production performance against planned
performance in terms of quantity and cost
• Efficiency of production planning: wide dashboard of
the results of production planning
• Production planning verse actual efficiency of
machines: daily, weekly, monthly