Proper management of customers and suppliers increases the organizational efficiency and
prevents the unnecessary investment of time in casual communication within the customer -
factory – supplier chain.

Customer Management (CRM) and suppliers

• Manage external agents, agents – customer
connections follow up
• Suppliers / subcontractors management, including
inventory management
• Procurement planning according to planned delivery
dates by MRP calculations
• Follow up after purchasing quotations and
purchase orders
• Acceptance (maybe should be Accept) procurements
from suppliers
• Scheduling external processes by suppliers
• Follow up after delays in supply
• Suppliers price list, import file including borrowing costs

• Information about the stages of production
of an order
• Shipments to customers report
• Price quotation follow up
• Customer orders, frame orders and forecast orders
• Manage items supplied by the customer
• Link to index and currency, including the option to
calculate the price in the invoice
• Manage returned customer goods

• Service calls / technician management, technician
scheduling according to service calls
• Follow after items at customer site, including serial
number warranty
• Manage items by serial numbers by the technicians
• Manage and follow up on installations at customer site
• Manage customer price lists

• CRM - customers and potential customers follow up
• Manage customer e-mail (Display e-mails from
Outlook in Kitaron), link customer e-mails to
document folder
• Send e-mails automatically to all customers