Assembly Management

Managing complex assemblies without appropriate solutions for control and management is the
number one cause of inflated inventory, which in turn damages the company’s cash flow, causing
high financial losses.

• Create BOM in infinite different levels
and configurations
• Change BOM to order line
• Set optional / alternative items, manage item’s
configurations, replacing items in the BOM
• Graphical display of the BOM and the picture
of main item
• BOM can be stopped and thus prevent the
opening of a production order

• Replace a sub item in all BOM
• List of assemblies (per item)
• Automatic B.O.M withdrawal (from warehouse)
for production order, automatic insertion to end of
production warehouse

• Manage missing items per assembly
• Track issued child items for production order of
an assembly item
• Track issued items by surplus or shortage
• Option to complete missing child items while
updating stock

• Manage production process and sales of items
(parent and child) by serial numbers
• Build product tree by serial number or by
batch number
• Manage batch numbers for production runs
• Management and follow-up serial numbers and
batch numbers
• Track batch numbers of raw materials usage
• Track raw materials usage according to
production orders
• Inventory management by batch number