• Monthly Turnover Report, profit and loss report
and trial balance
• Online Reporting Interface of VAT Report and
Deduction at Source
• Cash Flow Statement
• Exchange rates automatically adjust
• Fixed assets management, depreciation automatic
calculation by different calculation methods
• Financial inventory value
• Budgets Management including Budget
utilization follow up

• A multi-year and multi-currency system
• Create customized financial statement
• Generate Financial Statement in Two Currencies
• Detailed Journal Entry
• Exporting Accounting data to other programs
• Issuing files in a uniform structure

• Issuing Invoices while attaching relevant data from
shipping voucher/customer order
• Proforma invoice, including automatic invoice generation
• Receive purchase invoice and purchase credit invoice,
Self-billing Invoice, etc.
• Create receipts, Customer payments follow up,
Fund report
• Cash deposits, checks and postdated checks

• Payments to suppliers including printing checks
• Bank transfers via ACH
• Update Percentage of Deduction at Source Report
• Internal Reconciliations, Internal Reconciliations
including reconciliations transfer
• Bank reconciliation, including accepting automatically
bank statements from a file
• Collection Report, Aging of customer/supplier
debit report

Helps large and small manufacturers to raise the level of control on the Finance issues in
complex business environments with regulatory compliance and industry requirements.

Accounting Management